Azure User Tools

  • Manage your Azure resources through; Portal, CLI, Powershell, and Cloudshell

Azure Portal

  • Create, manage, and monitor all resources in one console, from simple web applications to complex cloud applications.
  • Portal Features:
    • Personalize – create your own dashboards, layouts, workflows, and colors
    • Access Control – fine-grained access control to all your resources
    • Cost Management – keep track of current and projected costs
    • Multi-Platform – available through web and mobile devices
    • Marketplace an online store that consists of thousands of built-in product offerings such as:
      • Virtual machine images
      • Managed applications
      • Software-as-a-service solutions
      • Consulting and managed services

Azure User Tools

Azure CLI

  • Command Line Interface (CLI)  works on Windows, Mac, and Linux
  • You can create and manage Azure resources with a set of commands
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  • It’s built to get you to work with Azure quickly, with focus on automation.

Azure Powershell

  • Fully supported by Azure with modules and cmdlets
    • cmdlet is a lightweight command, which is used in PowerShell.
  • PowerShell provides powerful features for automation
  • PowerShell also uses Azure Resource Manager to manipulate Azure resources

Azure Cloud Shell

  • An interactive, browser-accessible shell for managing Azure resources.
  • You can choose between Bash or PowerShell
  • Shell access from anywhere using the web or mobile app
  • Cloud Shell attaches Azure Files share to persist your data
  • It also offers an integrated file editor built on the open-source Monaco Editor

Azure Mobile App

  • You can monitor the status and health of your Azure resources
  • Monitor your metrics and alerts and take the necessary actions to fix common issues
  • You can run commands via Azure CLI or PowerShell to manage your Azure resources

How to Create a Free Account in Azure


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