Azure Internet of Things (IoT)

  • A service that allows you to connect, monitor, and control one or more IoT devices that can communicate with back-end services hosted in the cloud.

Azure IoT Hub

  • A PaaS solution that provides complete control over the collection and processing of IoT data.
  • To create a complete end-to-end solution, you can integrate the IoT Hub with other Azure services.
    • Azure Event Grid
    • Azure Logic Apps
    • Azure Machine Learning
    • Azure Stream Analytics 
  • Message routing integration automatically helps you respond to a device-reported state change.
  • You can use IoT Hub scaling if you are approaching the message limit on your IoT Hub.

Azure IoT Central

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  • A SaaS solution that provides a collection of industry-specific application templates.
  • You can create your own device template to define the characteristics and behavior of a device.
  • Configure custom dashboards to monitor your device’s health and telemetry.
  • Build custom rules when device telemetry crosses a specified threshold.
  • You can apply single or bulk updates by creating jobs.

Azure Sphere

  • An IoT security solution that helps you protect your data, privacy, and infrastructure.
  • Components:
    • Azure Sphere chip – a microcontroller unit that provides real-time processing capabilities.
    • Azure Sphere OS – an operating system based on Linux that runs on an Azure Sphere chip.
    • Azure Sphere Security Service – it supports certificate-based authentication, automatic software updates, and failure reporting. By default, the data is encrypted at rest.
  • The Azure Sphere devices can run on two types of applications:
    • High-level applications for containers.
    • Real-time capable applications (RTApps) for bare metals.

Azure IoT Products

  • Azure IoT solution accelerators allow you to customize solution templates for common IoT scenarios.
  • Azure IoT Edge enables you to deploy cloud analytics and custom business logic locally on IoT edge devices.
  • Create knowledge graphs based on digital models of entire environments using Azure Digital Twins.
  • If you need to monitor, analyze, and visualize your IoT data in real-time, you can use Azure Time Series Insights.
  • Azure Sphere is an IoT security solution that helps you protect your data, privacy, and infrastructure.
  • A real-time operating system for IoT devices, powered by MCUs is called Azure RTOS.
  • Azure SQL Edge is an optimized SQL database engine for IoT and IoT Edge deployments.



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