Azure Functions vs Logic Apps vs Event Grid



Logic Apps

Event Grid


Serverless Compute

Serverless Workflows

Serverless Events


Run a small piece of code to do a task

Automate your workflows without writing a single line of code.

Route custom events to different endpoints.


  • Serverless applications
  • Choice of language
  • Bring your own dependencies
  • Integrated security
  • Flexible development tools
  • Stateful serverless architecture
  • Built-in and managed connectors
  • Control your workflows
  • Manage or manipulate data
  • App, data and system integration
  • Enterprise application integration
  • B2B communication in the cloud or on-premises
  • Advanced filtering
  • Fan-out to multiple endpoints 
  • Supports high-volume workloads
  • Built-in Events
  • Custom Events




Event Source and Handlers

Use case

Big data processing, serverless messaging

Connect legacy, modern, and cutting-edge systems with pre-built connectors.

Serverless application architectures, Ops Automation, and Application integration


You are only charged for the time you run your code.

You are charged for the execution of triggers, action, and connectors.

You are charged for each operation, such as ingress events, advanced matches, delivery attempts, and management calls.



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