Azure Firewall

  • A service that uses a static public IP address to protect your VNet resources.
  • Azure Firewall is PCI, SOC, ISO, ICSA Labs, and HITRUST compliant.

azure firewall


  • A stateful firewall service.
  • You can enable forced tunneling to route Internet-bound traffic to an additional firewall or virtual network appliance.
  • Limit outbound traffic to a given FQDN list, including wild cards.
    • Filter any TCP/UDP protocol outbound traffic.
    • To use FQDNs in your rules, you must enable DNS proxy.
  • Deny the traffic of a malicious IP address with threat intelligence-based filtering.
    • It has the highest priority rules and will always be processed first.
    • Threat intelligence modes: Off, Alert only, Alert and deny
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  • With a DNS proxy, a firewall listens to port 53 and forwards the DNS requests to a DNS server.
  • You can minimize the complexity of creating a security rule using a service tag.
  • Associate up to 250 public IP addresses in your firewall.
  • It supports SNAT and DNAT translation.
    • SNAT – Source NAT for outbound VNet traffic.
    • DNAT – Destination NAT for inbound network traffic.
  • Azure Firewall diagnostic logs (JSON format):
    • Application rule log
    • Network rule log
  • You can store all your logs in a storage account, event hubs, and Azure monitor logs.
  • Azure Firewall metrics:
    • Application/Network rules hit count
    • Data processed
    • Throughput
    • Firewall health state
    • SNAT port utilization
  • To manage multiple firewalls, you can use Azure Firewall Manager.
  • Protect your VDI deployments using Azure firewall DNAT rules and threat Intelligence filtering.


  • You are charged for each firewall deployment
  • You are charged for any data processed by your firewall


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