Azure DNS

  • Enables you to host your DNS zone and manage your DNS records.
  • DNS zone allows you to configure a private and public DNS zone.
  • Alias recordsets:
    • A – maps the host to IPv4.
    • AAAA – maps the host to IPv6.
    • CNAME – create a record to point to another domain.
  • A limit of 20 alias record sets per resource.
  • Uses Anycast networking to route users to the closest name servers.
  • You can monitor your DNS zone metrics using Azure Monitor.
    • QueryVolume – query traffic received.
    • RecordSetCount – the number of recordsets in your DNS.
    • RecordSetCapacityUtilization – percentage of utilization of your recordset capacity.
  • Azure Private DNS allows you to use your custom domain name in your private VNet.
  • Alias record allows you to point your naked domain or apex to a traffic manager or CDN endpoint.
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Private DNS

  • Allows you to manage and resolve domain names in a virtual network.
  • Configure a split-horizon DNS to create zones with the same name.
  • It also supports all types of DNS records types: A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, PTR, SOA, SRV, and TXT.
  • A virtual network can be linked to only one private zone. But you can link multiple virtual networks to a single DNS zone.
  • Private IP space in the linked virtual network allows reverse DNS.


  • To prevent accidental zone deletion, you can apply a ‘CanNotDelete’ lock.
  • Create a custom role to ensure it doesn’t have a zone delete permission.
  • You can deploy a DNS firewall to mitigate DNS-related security issues.


  • Billed on the number of hosted DNS zones.
  • You are charged based on the number of DNS queries received.


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