Azure Database for MySQL and PostgreSQL

  • PaaS relational database services
  • Mitigate database downtime with high availability, redundancy, and resiliency capabilities.
  • Enables you to scale vertically when needed.
  • Receive alerts based on the metrics of your servers.
  • Protect sensitive data at rest and in transit.
  • Automated backups, up to 35 days.
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  • PostgreSQL deployment options: Single Server and Hyperscale (Citus)
  • Single server pricing tiers: Basic, General Purpose, and Memory Optimized.
    • Basic – light compute and I/O performance workloads.
    • General Purpose – a balanced compute and memory with scalable I/O throughput workloads.
    • Memory Optimized – for high performance database workloads requiring in-memory performance.

azure database 1

PostgreSQL – Hyperscale (Citus)

  • Sharding – scales horizontally across multiple machines.
  • Supports query parallelization for faster responses on large datasets.
  • Primarily used for multi-tenant applications, real-time operational analytics, and high throughput transactional workloads.

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