Azure Content Delivery Network

  • A distributed network of servers that delivers web content closer to users.
  • CDNs store cache content on edge servers to minimize end-user latency.

azure content delivery network


  • Improves the performance of dynamic web pages using dynamic site acceleration.
  • You can set two types of caching rules in Azure CDN:
    • Global caching rule – overrides any HTTP cache-directive headers.
    • Custom caching rule – you can set a rule to match specific paths and file extensions.
  • Types of origin:
    • Storage
    • Storage Static website
    • Cloud service
    • Web App
    • Custom Origin
  • Enable HTTPS to mitigate security threats on the content distribution network.
  • Export basic usage metrics from your CDN by using diagnostic logs.
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  • With geo-filtering, you can set rules for different paths to allow or block content in selected countries/regions.
  • CDN endpoint: <tutorialsdojo>

How Caching Works

  • Access the data quickly by storing the data in an origin server.
  • If the file on the origin server has been updated, the cache must update its resource version.
  • Azure CDN HTTP cache-directive headers:
    • Cache-Control – caching behavior of a browser.
    • Expires – a date based expiration time.
  • Azure CDN HTTP cache validators:
    • ETag – a string that is unique to every file.
    • Last-Modified – the origin server compares the date with the last-modified resource header. 
      • Status code 200 = Modified
      • Status code 304 = Not Modified
  • Default caching behavior:
    • Honor origin – honor the HTTP response cache-directive headers, if they exist.
    • CDN cache duration – how long a resource is cached on the Azure CDN.


  • You are charged based on the number of rules.
  • You are charged for outbound data transfers.


  • The limit for the following resources is 25:
    • CDN profiles
    • CDN endpoints per profile
    • Custom domains per endpoint


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