Azure Container Instances (ACI)

  • Run containers without managing servers.
  • For event-driven applications, quickly deploy from your container development pipelines, run data processing, and build jobs.
  • Azure Container Instances is a regional service.


  • Containers have less overhead than VMs and can be deployed consistently.
  • All the dependencies for an application are included in the container image.
  • Applications running in containers can be deployed easily to multiple operating systems and hardware platforms.
  • Select an image source using Quickstart images, Azure Container Registry, and Docker Hub.
  • Create a container image only when you need it and process data on-demand.
  • You can choose to always restart the container regardless of how it stopped, to only restart if it failed, to exit successfully, or to never restart.
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  • Enables you to set a command to be executed first when running the container.
  • Resources can be tagged with values that you define, to help you organize and identify them.
  • By default, Azure Container Instances are stateless.
  • You can’t deploy an image from an on-premises registry to ACI.


  • You can mount Azure Files shares in your ACI for persistent storage.
  • To mount an Azure file share as a volume in Azure Container Instances, you need: Storage account name, Share name, and Storage account key.


  • Choose between three networking options: Public, Private, and None.
  • Private IP is not yet available for Windows Containers.
  • None IP containers (logs) can still be accessed using the CLI.
  • DNS name label: <tutorialsdojo>.<region>


  • Deploy Azure WAF in front of critical web applications hosted in ACI for additional inspection of incoming traffic.
  • Use Azure Key Vault to safeguard encryption keys and secrets for containerized applications.


  • You pay based on what you need and get billed by the second.
  • The assigned public IP addresses to your container group are billed.
  • You are billed for each GB and vCPU your container group consumes.

Azure Container Instances (ACI) vs Functions:

Want to learn more about Azure? Watch the official Microsoft Azure YouTube channel’s video series called Azure Tips and Tricks.


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