Azure Application Gateway

  • A web traffic load balancer.
  • It allows you to distribute incoming traffic based on HTTP request properties such as URL and host headers.
  • Application gateway has four tiers: Standard, Standard V2, WAF, and WAF v2
  • You can use the same application gateway for up to 100+ websites with multi-site hosting.
  • Set the minimum and maximum scale units based on your needs.
  • Azure Application Gateway vs Azure Load Balancer
    • An application gateway operates at layer 7.
    • A load balancer functions at layer 4.
  • You can use both public and private IP on the frontend.
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azure application gateway


  • Secure your data with end-to-end SSL.
  • Route traffic based on URL path or host header-based.
  • Protect your applications from common web vulnerabilities using WAF.
  • Scales automatically based on your web application traffic load.
  • With gateway-managed cookies, you can direct subsequent traffic from a user session to the same server.


  • You are charged per instance, per GB, and per gateway-hour.
  • You are also charged with capacity units (computed hourly or partial hourly).

Azure Load Balancer vs App Gateway vs Traffic Manager:


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