AWS Transit Gateway

  • A networking service that uses a hub and spoke model to enable customers to connect their on-premises data centers and their Amazon Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) to a single gateway.
  • With this service, customers only have to create and manage a single connection from the central gateway into each on-premises data center, remote office, or VPC across your network.
  • If a new VPC is created, it is automatically connected to the Transit Gateway and will also be available to every other network that is also connected to the Transit Gateway.


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  • Inter-region peering 
    • Transit Gateway leverages the AWS global network to allow customers to route traffic across AWS Regions. 
    • Inter-region peering provides an easy and cost-effective way to replicate data for geographic redundancy or to share resources between AWS Regions.
  • Multicast 
    • Enables customers to have fine-grain control on who can consume and produce multicast traffic. 
    • It allows you to easily create and manage multicast groups in the cloud instead of the time-consuming task of deploying and managing legacy hardware on-premises. 
    • This multicast solution is also scalable so the customers can simultaneously distribute a stream of content to multiple subscribers. 
  • Automated Provisioning 
    • Customers can automatically identify the Site-to-Site VPN connections and the on-premises resources with which they are associated using AWS Transit Gateway. 
    • Using the Transit Gateway Network Manager, you can also manually define your on-premises network.

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