AWS Cheat Sheets – Database Services

AWS offers purpose-built databases for all your application needs. Whether you need a Relational, Key-Value, In-memory, or any other type of data store, AWS would most likely have a database service that you can use. 

Relational databases store data with predefined schemas and “relationships” between the tables, hence the “Relational” name. It is designed to support ACID (Atomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability) transactions with strong data consistency to maintain referential integrity. Key-value databases are suitable for storing and retrieving large volumes of data. It delivers quick response times even in large volumes of concurrent requests. 

In-memory databases are primarily used for applications that require real-time access to data. It is capable of delivering data to applications in microseconds and not just in milliseconds since the data are directly stored in memory and not on disk. Aside from this, AWS also offers Document, Time Series, Ledger, and many other database types.

Amazon Aurora
Amazon DynamoDB
Amazon ElastiCache
Amazon RDS
Amazon Redshift
Amazon DocumentDB
Amazon Neptune
Amazon Quantum Ledger Database (QLDB)
AWS Database Migration Service (DMS)

Other Database-related Notes

DynamoDB Scan vs Query
Global Secondary Index vs Local Secondary Index
Lambda Integration with Amazon DynamoDB Streams
Redis Append-Only Files vs Redis Replication
Redis (Cluster Mode Enabled vs Disabled) vs Memcached

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AWS Certified Database Specialty Practice Exams

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