Are Cloud Certifications Enough to Land me a Job?

The sad truth is that getting a job with just a certification alone is difficult or almost impossible to achieve. Cloud Certifications are a great way to display your credibility and validate your knowledge. It also shows that you have invested time and money into improving your skill set. But if you want to pursue a career in cloud computing, having certifications alone isn’t gonna cut it; you need to have relevant skills and experience to demonstrate your expertise to employers.

So does it mean that certifications are just a piece of paper, and you should discard your dream to get certified? Well, not quite. Before you start losing hope, let me remind you that Cloud Certifications are highly in-demand and popular with companies for a reason. Getting certified means that you’ve passed the minimum requirements and standards needed to perform whichever role the cloud provider has set. This means a lot, especially to a company that has a partnership with a cloud provider. It indicates the company’s commitment to the services offered by that cloud vendor.

From a recruiter’s perspective, certifications are the most effective way to quickly screen out many resumes to assess the job applicants’ qualifications. Use this as an opportunity to be readily acknowledged and get shortlisted right away. Finding a job is like a battlefield, especially now that most job searches are happening online. And if you manage to pass the initial stage by getting invited to an interview, then half the battle is won. 

Keep in mind that experience is still king. And if you pair that with a widely recognized cloud certification, that puts you in a different league among the other job candidates and will inevitably boost your chance of successfully passing the interview.

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Instead of treating cloud certifications as a free pass or a magic spell to get your dream job, treat them as a product of your hard work. Aim to pass the certification by learning and understanding the concepts by heart and don’t rely on just memorizing the answers on practice exams. Acquiring a certificate gives you leverage for job opportunities, and that will be your stepping stone towards advancing your career. Through commitment and progressive effort, you will surely be able to achieve your dream job.

In the next section, we’ll share some unique ways to help you build credentials and make a successful career shift to cloud computing.

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