Amazon QuickSight

Amazon QuickSight is a cloud-powered business analytics service that makes it easy to build visualizations, perform ad-hoc analysis, and quickly get business insights from their data, anytime, on any device.

Amazon QuickSight

  • Features
    • Provides ML Insights for discovering hidden trends and outliers, identify key business drivers, and perform powerful what-if analysis and forecasting.
    • Has a wide library of visualizations, charts, and tables; You can add interactive features like drill-downs and filters, and perform automatic data refreshes to build interactive dashboards.
    • Allows you to schedule automatic email-based reports, so you can get key insights delivered to your inbox.
    • QuickSight allows users to connect to data sources, create/edit datasets, create visual analyses, invite co-workers to collaborate on analyses, and publish dashboards and reports.
    • Has a super-fast, parallel, in-memory, calculation engine (SPICE), allowing you to achieve blazing fast performance at scale.
    • Allows you to directly connect to and import data from a wide variety of cloud and on-premises data sources.
    • Uses a combination of columnar storage, in-memory technologies.
    • Data in SPICE is persisted until it is explicitly deleted by the user.
    • SPICE also automatically replicates data for high availability and enables QuickSight to scale easily.
    • The SPICE engine supports data sets up to 250M rows and 500GB.
  • Concepts
    • A QuickSight Author is a user who can connect to data sources (within AWS or outside), create interactive dashboards using advanced QuickSight capabilities, and publish dashboards with other users in the account.
    • A QuickSight Reader is a user who uses interactive dashboards. Readers can log in via QuickSight username/password, SAML portal or AD auth, view shared dashboards, filter data, drill down to details or export data as a CSV file.
      • Readers can be easily upgraded to authors via the QuickSight user management options.
      • Readers with pay-per-session pricing only exist in Enterprise Edition. Standard Edition accounts can be easily upgraded to Enterprise.
    • A QuickSight Admin is a user who can manage QuickSight users and account-level preferences, as well as purchase SPICE capacity and annual subscriptions for the account.
      • Admins have all QuickSight authoring capabilities.
      • Admins can also upgrade Standard Edition accounts to Enterprise Edition.
      • QuickSight Authors and Readers can be upgraded to Admins at any time.
    • A QuickSight Reader session has a 30-minute duration and is renewed at 30-minute intervals. The session starts with a user-initiated action (login, dashboard load, page refresh, drill-down or filtering).
    • Dashboards are a collection of visualizations, tables, and other visual displays arranged and visible together.
    • Stories are guided tours through specific views of an analysis. They are used to convey key points, a thought process, or the evolution of an analysis for collaboration.
    • Data Management
      • Data preparation is the process of transforming raw data for use in an analysis.
      • You can upload XLSX, CSV, TSV, CLF, XLF data files directly from Amazon QuickSight website, or to an Amazon S3 bucket and point Quicksight to the bucket.
      • You can also connect Amazon QuickSight to an Amazon EC2 or on-premises database.
    • Data Visualization and Analysis
      • A visual, also known as a data visualization, is a graphical representation of a data set using a type of diagram, chart, graph, or table. All visuals begin in AutoGraph mode, which automatically selects a visualization based on the fields you select.
      • A data analysis is the basic workspace for creating and interacting with visuals, which are graphical representations of your data. Each analysis contains a collection of visuals that you assemble and arrange for your purposes.
      • To create a visualization, start by selecting the data fields you want to analyze, or drag the fields directly on to the visual canvas, or a combination of both actions. Amazon QuickSight will automatically select the appropriate visualization to display based on the data you’ve selected.
      • Amazon QuickSight has a feature called AutoGraph that allows it to select the most appropriate visualizations based on the properties of the data, such as cardinality and data type.
      • You can perform typical arithmetic and comparison functions; conditional functions such as if,then; and date, numeric, and string calculations.
    • Machine Learning Insights
      • Using machine learning and natural language capabilities, Amazon QuickSight Enterprise Edition launches you into forecasting and decision-making.
      • You can select from a list of customized context-sensitive narratives, called auto-narratives, and add them to your analysis. In addition to choosing auto-narratives, you can choose to view forecasts, anomalies, and factors contributing to these.
      • Major features
        • ML-powered anomaly detection – continuously analyze all your data to detect anomalies.
        • ML-powered forecasting – forecast key business metrics.
        • Auto-narratives – build rich dashboards with embedded narratives to tell the story of your data in plain language.
    • Security
      • Offers role-based access control, Active Directory integration, CloudTrail auditing, single sign-on, private VPC subnets, and data backup.
      • FedRamp, HIPAA, PCI PSS, ISO, and SOC compliant.
      • Row-level security enables QuickSight dataset owners to control access to data at row granularity based on permissions associated with the user interacting with the data.
    • Pricing
      • Quicksight has a pay-per-session model for dashboard readers, users who consume dashboards others have created.
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